Horror Movie Review: ‘Suspiria’ (Dario Argento, 1977) ~ let the colors be the darkness

Intrigue, drama, murder, music & haunting shades of red all come together in Suspiria, a 1977 Italian horror film directed by Dario Argento that captures you the entire runtime through its eery atmosphere.

A gem to the genre, this horror movie doesn’t try to wake you up from your sleep through jump scares but creates a mood that makes you unable to leave yet you don’t even want to because the horror comes with beauty.

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Watchlist Roulette

Do you ever look at your watchlist and get nauseous with the realization that you probably won’t be able to watch all of them within the next 5 years? Maybe you won’t even get around to watching some of them.. ever. That is both depressing and uplifting. It means there are so many movies that caught your eye and that you want to watch that you’ll be set for a lifetime. Usually when I’m bored on the train I’ll scroll through my watchlist and make a mental map of when I’ll watch each movie. Then I turn around and watch a completely different movie. In this post I want to feature a few movies from my watchlist so that I can hopefully inspire you and myself and maybe gain some watching tips.

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Yes, we should watch movies directed by women just for that reason.

As someone who constantly talks, dreams and thinks about movies it should come as no surprise that I’d be engaged in film discourse. From finding deeper philosophical meanings in absurd films to ranking movies based on year, director, genre. I’m into it all. I come across a lot of strange things in the world of film enthousiasts. From men having banners with Polanski’s face on them to men who will vilify you if you call movies or directors they love ‘immoral.’ It should then come as no surprise that these same men will attack you for opening the discourse on female film directors. And precisely this question is one I want to tackle. These seemingly liberal men ‘we should not pick our movies based on the sex of the director’ are precisely the problem which will haunt female directors for a lifetime to come. If we do not differentiate based on sex, we cannot address the inequality within the film industry. So yes, I will argue that prior to anything we should differentiate based on sex.

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