Watchlist Roulette

Do you ever look at your watchlist and get nauseous with the realization that you probably won’t be able to watch all of them within the next 5 years? Maybe you won’t even get around to watching some of them.. ever. That is both depressing and uplifting. It means there are so many movies that caught your eye and that you want to watch that you’ll be set for a lifetime. Usually when I’m bored on the train I’ll scroll through my watchlist and make a mental map of when I’ll watch each movie. Then I turn around and watch a completely different movie. In this post I want to feature a few movies from my watchlist so that I can hopefully inspire you and myself and maybe gain some watching tips.

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Team Hurricane


Nothing gets me more excited than movies directed, written & lead by women. So when I saw this in the selection of IFFR 2018, I had to go see it. I can write and plea for more women behind the camera on this blog, or I can go out and support them. I saw three movies that were directed by women: La Holandesa (Messi and Maud) , Pin Cushion & this one. I also bought tickets for Lady Bird & My Friend The Polish Girl. 

The movie is about radical girls in an ordinary world. I’d know all about that. It’s directed by Annika Berg. It’s her picture debut. I am a huge fan of Scandinavian movies (Bergman!!) & Scandinavia in general. This movie could not disappoint. And luckily, it didn’t. Don’t let all the bright colors in the pictures fool you. They love their Hello Kitty and their neon, but they are feeling blue. And that is essentially what this movie is about. The contrast between the vibrant colors, the anime cuts with motivational quotes & the shots where they discuss their mental states make for a intriguing movie that is not only accurate in depicting the range of mental states of young women but is also a raw depiction of the expectations of society to always be colorful, even when inside you constantly try to mix grey with grey to form pink.

It’s definitely an experimental movie & it’s aesthetically pleasing . The cast consists out of a group of girls (and a dog) who formed a friend group in the youth center. All characters have their stories told in a satisfying way. Although the problems range from severe to mild, nothing is portrayed as insignificant. And that is the curse that most teenagers suffer from. Their problems are not taken serious because they’re just teenagers who haven’t experienced real problems. I like how there’s no moral voice overshadowing their voices. So I found the characters to be fleshed out sufficiently. It was a short movie, so I won’t say they were developed as much as they could. But they were developed enough in light of the movie. Nothing pisses me off more than cardboard characters. And the shorter the movie, the more chance of that. But Annika Berg & her cast managed to introduce 8 threedimensional characters in 96 minutes that I could all find some common ground with. But I guess we all still have that teenage angst buried deep inside somewhere. The graphics of this movie looked so 2007 with the flashing texts & moviemaker cuts that it reminded me of mine. I’d love to see more of this director!