Watchlist Roulette

Do you ever look at your watchlist and get nauseous with the realization that you probably won’t be able to watch all of them within the next 5 years? Maybe you won’t even get around to watching some of them.. ever. That is both depressing and uplifting. It means there are so many movies that caught your eye and that you want to watch that you’ll be set for a lifetime. Usually when I’m bored on the train I’ll scroll through my watchlist and make a mental map of when I’ll watch each movie. Then I turn around and watch a completely different movie. In this post I want to feature a few movies from my watchlist so that I can hopefully inspire you and myself and maybe gain some watching tips.

Every now and then I’ll do a Watchlist Roulette and divide it up in 10 categories. I’ll pick a movie from my watchlist for every category so that I won’t create a post full of the same movies of the genre I’ll be into at that moment. My watchlist counts ~430 movies at the moment. So I’ll have enough material to blog about for a good while. How many movies does your watchlist count?

So without further ado, here are some gems from my watchlist, one for each category. I can’t give much of a description as I haven’t seen them, but I’ll include why I have them listed.

1. Film Noir



The Asphalt Jungle (Huston, 1950)

I’ve loved every movie with Marilyn Monroe that I’ve seen. Except Niagara. That was just so-so. I am very new when it comes to Film Noir. I’ve stumbled upon the genre last year when I was studying in Oslo. I wrote a paper about women and cinema so I browsed the library looking for literature. I saw many books about film noir and it sounded interesting so I sat down and read a few chapters from many books. After that, I was immediately inspired to watch as many noirs as I can. This is one of the most praised noirs so it deserves a spot in my watchlist.


2. Foreign language


L’amant d’un jour (Garrel, 2017)

I was originally gonna watch this at IFFR18 but laziness got the best of me when I decided I didn’t wanna travel all the way to Rotterdam for a movie of 1h16. But it stays on my watchlist.

p.s. the concept of ‘foreign language’ is a bit weird since English is technically a foreign language to me. So I will use this to notion to signify movies that aren’t spoken in English or Dutch.



3. Animated



Mimi wo sumaseba (Whisper of the heart) (Kondô, 1995)

A Studio Ghibli movie written by Hayao Miyazaki. I actually want to watch all Ghibli movies so that’s why this movie is on my watchlist. But this one does sound particularly interesting to me as I love books and the plot sounds vague enough that I have no idea where this movie is gonna lead me so I know I’ll be in for a ride. I also see very promising reviews of this movie, so I picked this one to feature as it is currently the highest priority of the Ghibli’s for me.


4. Runtime over 160 minutes



Inland Empire (Lynch, 2006)

3 hours of Lynchian absurdism. I can’t wait. The premise sounds like a mix between Mulholland Dr. and Persona, both of which are my all-time favorite movies. I have a feeling that this movie will become a favorite of mine but I should take care with preconceptions such as those. The higher the expectations, the more a movie can disappoint. I hope to have enough time to watch this soon



5. Horror film



Suspiria (Argento, 1977)

A horror in Technicolor? Yes please. I’ve heard many sounds about this movie and it looked eery so I added it to my list. I don’t usually watch horrors but I just have to force myself to be in the horror mood someday so I can watch this.





6. A musical film



My Fair Lady (Cukor, 1964)

Everyone has heard of this movie. Either through plays on the title in shows or direct references or just because they love Audrey Hepburn. Though I wonder how the feminist in me will react to this movie, it sounds kind of controversial. But I’m sure the movie itself will be beautifully shot.



7. A film directed by a woman



Vendredi soir (Denis, 2002)

I went on a spree to check out all the movies from the most popular female directors and just added every movie that caught my eye. This was one of them. I’ve seen nothing by this director nor do I know the actors and actresses so this will hopefully be a pleasant surprise. I’ll definitely write about this one when I have watched it as I want to give movies by female directors more exposure.


8. A film released in 2018



Tomb Raider (Uthaug, 2018)

I’ve had so many opportunities to watch this in the cinema yet I never went. I guess I’ll sit this one out and stream it someday. I’ve never seen the original but Alicia Vikander looks so badass in the poster already that it is definitely a must-see.



9. A film that has won Best Picture 



Chicago (Marshall, 2002)

I strive to watch all Best Picture winners once. That it’s a musical is just a very welcome extra.





10. Indie film



The Addiction (Ferrara, 1995)

Fuck it, I’ll admit it. I have an unhealthy obsession with vampires. You can blame Spike, Angel and Damon Salvatore. So when I saw a movie that combines vampires and philosophy I had to watch it. A New York philosophy graduate gets bitten by a vampire and becomes one. Sounds like this can go an interesting direction. Let’s hope this one won’t disappoint like Only Lovers Left Alive sadly did.



Do you also have one of these movies on your watchlist?


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